Stair Deep Cleaning

Top To Bottom Tenement Stair Cleaning In Edinburgh

Among the most distinctive features of Scottish housing, your communal stairway could be one of the most desirable period features of your tenement. However, tenement stairways are often neglected, becoming unclean and unpleasant, leaving them a shadow of their former selves.

Capital Stair Services is not your average cleaning company. We are a highly recommended family-run business with decades of experience working specifically with stairways. Using our expertise, we feel confident we can restore your stairway to its former authentic glory.

A Deep Clean

As a communal area, it’s common for dust, grime, and debris to gather in your stairway. This creates unpleasant smells, sticky walls and cobwebs. Every now and then, your stairway needs a deep clean to regenerate it.

Our deep clean service includes:

  • Cobweb removal and a dusting of all walls, pipes, doorways and wall fixtures
  • Washing of low-level walls (high-level available as an add-on)
  • Washing and dusting of bannisters, railings and stair strings
  • Hoovering all floors and stairways
  • Mopping of all floors and stairways
  • Front doors and window cleaned
  • Sanitising all communal hand contact points.

If you’re a new client, we always recommend a deep clean in the first instance, especially if your stair isn’t cleaned weekly by a factor or professional stair cleaning service.

If you’re signing on to a regular cleaning contract, or if you’re an existing client who has not yet used this service, we offer a massive 40% discount for your first deep clean. For almost half the regular price, you’ll breathe new life into your stairway, creating an environment that you don’t just tolerate but every tenant in the building can be proud of.

Specialist hand and machine cleaning to the highest standard

Many of Edinburgh’s tenements are surfaced using Linotol flooring, which can be quite a task to clean due to the combination of dirt and grease that accumulates with everyday use.

We have been dealing with these kinds of floors for decades and have discovered that the most effective way of cleaning is to use specialised machines designed to scrub tough to clean flooring, stairs, and reaching into all the corners.

This specialist equipment also allows us to provide deep cleaning for all flooring types, so just get in touch to show your building the love and attention it deserves.

Carpet Cleaning

We are specialist in carpet cleaning for large communal spaces, including stairs and landings. Please contact us for a free estimate.


Cleaning Rotas Created Around Your Need

If you're looking for a more scheduled service, we can help you set up a cleaning service or rota for your tenement. Whether you're short on time, live in a property with many different occupants or just wish to know how much a specialist cleaning service would cost, get in touch to discuss how our resources can be at your disposal.

Please contact us for any cleaning advice, or if you are interested in our tailored cleaning services, we would be happy to visit your building to give you an estimate.

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