The individual owners of properties within a tenement in most cases hold a shared responsibility for the cleaning, maintenance and repairs of any shared communal spaces. This included such things as regular stair cleaning, gutter cleaning, stair lighting etc.

No. Some tenements have a successful cleaning rota in place. This means that the owners/tenants of a tenement take turns in cleaning the stair on a rotational basis.

However, in many cases this can be very hard to organize and enforce. Additionally, there are some cleaning products and materials that can be damaging to certain types of floors that some tenants/owners may not be aware of.

This is why many owners/tenants choose to hire a professional cleaning company to clean their stair. Here at Capital Stair Services, we have been cleaning stairs for over 20 years, this includes all floor types and we know the correct product to use, we are very reliable and always show up and will take your mind off the hassle of having to organize and clean your stairs. Click here for a quote, regular stair cleaning, deep stair cleaning, one-off stair cleaning.

Up until recently this was quite a problem! Some owners took years to finally contact and get the agreement of other owners to organize maintenance and repairs!

The City of Edinburgh have worked with a tech company called Novoville to resolve the issue. Find out about the recently launched Novoville Shared Repairs App.

This App makes it easy to contact, connect, discuss with other flat owners and also pay for any shared repairs or maintenance for your tenement including stair cleaning.

We can either invoice each of the flats individually for their share of the cleaning service, or preferably there would be a central account, and we send invoices to the lead owner of the tenement. For the latter we offer a discount of 20%. In either case we usually invoice every quarter (every 13 weeks).

Please note you can easily set up a tenement maintenance account using the Novoville Shared repairs App.

Yes we do. Since July 2016 when the City of Edinburgh Council ceased servicing the communal lighting of tenements, this has been a problem for many. We had noticed this as well as our customers that many of the tenements lighting were being neglected. The customers we had were very reluctant to go through the whole process of organizing the shared handling of lighting again and we were asked by many if we could add this to our service.

As of April 2020, Capital Stair Services added a limited service for lighting bulb/tube replacements for the communal stairways. Please contact us for a quote and for details on this. 

It is our first priority to ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied with the service they have paid for. If a service has been provided to an unsatisfactory result we always try and make it back within 48 hours to re-clean any points missed, if we can’t make it back on time to handle, we will refund or credit any payment received for the regular cleaning service.

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