We can help you set up a cleaning service or rota for your tenement

Many residents in Edinburgh's tenements face the challenge of organising cleaning, maintenance and repair within their communal areas. Whether you are renting, the owner, a landlord or a letting agency, organising such things for your tenement can be extremely time-consuming. 

Some flat owners have taken years before finally being able to organise just a basic cleaning service. At Capital Stair Services, we have been servicing Edinburgh tenements for almost 30 years and helped thousands of tenants, landlords, letting agencies and flat owners organise a cleaning service or rota.

If you are short on time and don't want to go through the hassle of contacting all the other residents, landlords, letting agencies, and everybody else involved, just get in touch; we can help take care of all the leg work for you.

Since we already work in close contact with almost every letting agency and housing association in Edinburgh, we are in a fantastic position to coordinate with other landlords, letting agencies and residents to set up a professional cleaning service quickly.

How to organise a cleaning rota or service for your tenement

1. Contact us for a quote

We will ask for:

  • The tenement location
  • The number of floors
  • The type of floor
  • The number of flats/properties
  • The general state of the tenement 
  • Is a deep clean required?
  • How often you would like the regular service 
  • What would you like included? 

With this information, we can then give you a quote for the initial deep clean (if necessary) and a regular cleaning service (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

2. Discuss with neighbours

Once you have the quote(s), you can then discuss this with your neighbours. We can post out quotes and the service discussed direct to all your neighbours if needed.

3. Contacting letting agents/landlords

If there are let-out or rental properties, we can help to contact the letting agents or housing association so that the flats concerned can be informed and participate if they wish.

4. Quote acceptance

If you would like to go ahead with the cleaning service after discussing it with your neighbours, we can start providing our services once we have a majority of those who have agreed. Otherwise, after discussion, you and your neighbours may decide on other arrangements such as carrying out the cleaning on a rotational basis among all the residents.

Please note that if you would still like us to provide the cleaning service upon 'your turn' if a rotational service is used, we can still accommodate. 

For example, if there are 12 flats and the tenements are to be cleaned each week, and you are due to clean it every 12th week, you can hire us to fill in for you; in this case, you would only pay your share when it's your turn. You just tell us when it is your turn, and we will put it on our calendar and show up. This could be as little as £16 + VAT per visit.

Use the Edinburgh Shared Repairs App to organise a cleaning service

Earlier this year, the City of Edinburgh Council, alongside a Tech company called Novoville, launched the Shared Repairs App. This allows any flat owner, tenant or landlord to set up a 'virtual tenement' for their building. 

Once the virtual tenement has been created, you can invite the other residents and discuss and vote on issues regarding your tenement. As part of this, you can also create a tenement maintenance account with ease. 

Find out more about the Shared Repairs App.

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